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Visa/Immigration officer suggestions?

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Hello all

I'm fairly new to this site, so am still working my way through previous posts.

I lived in Sydney in '00 and '01, and fell in love with the city and the lifestyle. My office closed so when I came home to Ireland to change careers I promised myself I'd return.

I'm in the tricky position whereby I have several degrees to my name, I'm skilled in jobs on the skill shortage list, but unfortunately I've been unemployed since January, and was a trainee (and therefore not really on the skill shortage list) the year before. I am also a sports coach and have the possibility of a job when I get down there, but it won't pay enough to sustain me.

In summary I half fill the criteria for a couple of different visas but I'm unsure if I fully meet the requirements in one, or how I can use all these skills to gain a visa.

I'm looking for any suggestions of immigration officers/lawyers who will actually take the time to read through my history and provide an appropriate suggestion (at a reasonable price) instead of the computerised criteria.

Any suggestions as to what my next step should be?

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and (hopefully) replying!

All the best
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Hi Emma,

Most migration agents will give you a free first consultation to tell you whether or not they think you'll be able to get in. They may not tell you how until you sign up with them though.

Make sure the agents are MIA or MARA registered so that you know that they know what they are talking about.

You can search through the posts for agents that members have recommended but a few that come to mind are Emigration group (I used them), George Lombard and some agents on this forum SOMV, Alan Collett and Peter (can't remember his user name).


Hi Karen

Many thanks for the suggestions.

I think my project for the new year (aka next week!) will be to contact each of them.

All the best:)

welcome to the forum and wish you luck with the planning. Hope you find a way to get u there
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