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hi everybody, i am adeel and i am applying for subclass 190 for victoria. i have applies for final visa application on 5th of july and got reply from CO to submitt ielts/functional english proof of my partner, i have submitted it on 25th of august as the Co just gave us 28 days to respond my partner took exame and got 7.0 band no module was lower then 6.5. so basically i need to know how long does it take more to grant visa?? is it a final stage of they still need to assess my full application? i have submitted all documents including medical and pcc of both. excluding my partner's ielts. i am really sorry if this thread is already present.
The grant of the visa is like completing a picture puzzle

Asking for partner functional English evidence is not a milestone by any reckoning
It's just one more piece of the puzzle in place

The present processing time for 190 visa is nearly an year so you have to wait patiently for the next CO contact or grant

You can upload the Form 80 and 1221 for both of you, if not already done to expedite the process

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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