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Visa denied

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Hi i was on here under the screen name mistboundforuk before and had applied from usa for 2 visas, one for myself and my daughter. Just wanted to let everyone know that my daughters visa was denied because they are requiring that you have court documents saying the parent traveling has sole custody and the documents must be sent within 4 days of them contacting you about it. There was no way I could get a court document that fast. It cannot be a notarized letter anymore saying the other parent gives permission.....and the UKBA had phoned me up to talk to me regarding this. Just letting any other parents out there planning on taking children know whats going on before you waste your money.
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As long as You have the legal custody papers you should be good. All the woman from the NY consulate told me over the phone was that it must be court ordered sole custody document, no notarized letters.
Yea it def is. Took abt 5 1/2 weeks for them to make my decision because of my daughter applying. When it comes to children leaving the country, they have to be extremely careful. So my journey has ended here, wedding is off, all plans for UK are off....I cannot afford to go spend a couple thousand on court for a sole custody document and then re-apply for 2 new visas. Breaks my heart but the decision was not in my hands. Wish everyone the best of luck
Yes i know, but the UKBA has told me that the court sole custody documents must b sent in within 4 days--4 days has come and gone as I cannot afford 2000.00 for the lawyer and court fees. I put all I had into this application process. They have not sent my package back yet so I am waiting to see what they say in the letter. The documentation I provided for my daughter was birth cert showing only me as her mother, notarized letter from father, pics from our trip to England, pics of her single bedroom in England. I have been on this site reading and taking notes for about a year and had seen ppl use notarized letters but unfortunately for me, they said they are not using them as valid proof that the child can be removed from the country anymore.
If they have granted mine it will be to me like they have denied it because i will not go without my daughter. She comes first. I will post what the letter says when I get it.
@gkt-I applied out of NY , took 5 1/2 wks.
Does anybody know how long it will be til I get my documents back?
Your situation sounds alot diff than mine. Im sure they wldnt ask you for any proof since hes an identity protected donor, if they do, Im sure the court would be able to have something written up for you, just be ready to get it right away and overnight it. Good luck
Thank u anamericaninscotland it breaks my heartto know I will not be starting a new life there but, it surprised me when she called and said I had 4 days to send the court document in....those 4 days were over last week so at this point I just want all my stuff back. I was not given a tracking number. I'll wait this week out and then email worldbridge if I don't receive anything.
Thank you mlh. I appreciate it. Gonna go for a walk in the rain and clear my thoughts a bit lol
He's not so well mlh. Actually, he's taking it worse than I am.
Im going to try and do what I can with the helpful advice of mlh, Like I told her the entry clearance officer that phoned me said and I quote " must be court ordered sole custody papers, no notarized letters" So if thats what they are only willing to accept from me than thats what I have to TRY and get
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