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Visa denied

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Hi i was on here under the screen name mistboundforuk before and had applied from usa for 2 visas, one for myself and my daughter. Just wanted to let everyone know that my daughters visa was denied because they are requiring that you have court documents saying the parent traveling has sole custody and the documents must be sent within 4 days of them contacting you about it. There was no way I could get a court document that fast. It cannot be a notarized letter anymore saying the other parent gives permission.....and the UKBA had phoned me up to talk to me regarding this. Just letting any other parents out there planning on taking children know whats going on before you waste your money.
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mistheuk :(

I am so sad to hear this.

I am guessing the 4 day turn around was in order for them to make a decision about the open file. I am sure that you are going to receive a reason attached to the denial letter for your daughter and the option to appeal.

I think there is still some hope for you to gather evidence that you have sole responsibility.

I can't imagine that court documents would be the only option, as clearly you and I just had 2 completely different experiences of it come from the same office (NYC).

Deep breaths woman!

My documents were ready for pick up in Toronto a couple days after the email, but if yours were transfered to the UK it could take longer.

Let me know if you want to chat/vent/brainstorm. <3
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Thank you mlh. I appreciate it. Gonna go for a walk in the rain and clear my thoughts a bit lol
I will brainstorm at my desk instead of this mind-numbing nonsense that I do for a living. <3

Take a walk and alot of deep breaths.

Defeatism is a tough nut to crack, but I am here to shake you out of it!

I am guessing you weren't able to cancel the application because the file had already been opened, right?

You've really got nothing to lose if you do appeal.

Time maybe, but better than not appealing!

How's your partner taking it? What are their thoughts?
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Im going to try and do what I can with the helpful advice of mlh, Like I told her the entry clearance officer that phoned me said and I quote " must be court ordered sole custody papers, no notarized letters" So if thats what they are only willing to accept from me than thats what I have to TRY and get
In some ways, I believe that they were probably referring to the court ordered document as absolute proof (in place of what they had in front of them-to make a decision on the spot about the open file), but there are other ways that they are willing to look at each individual case depending on the supporting evidence.

It is alot harder when the kids are younger, I am sure.

Clearly, this wasn't a requirement for us and probably because of the evidence we were able to supply in addition to my sworn statement, etc.

Let us know what you are able to gather along the way and if I can think of anything else-I will be in touch.

P.S. Let your partner know we are in your corner and trying to help you get to him!
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