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Visa chances with pre-existing medical condition???

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First time poster so please go easy and i apologise if there is already a thread but i couldnt find it,

Anyway our situation is as follows

I am currently studying to become a register nurse (9 months left), therefore i will be the main visa applicant. My husband has previously had cancer but is now in remission. He has not worked in the 18 months as he was medically retired by employers due to health. We have been fortunate that financially he has not needed to return to work and is now a stay at home dad.

Does anyone have any experience of applying for a visa with similar medical history. I have no health issues nor do my 2 young children.

We would not be looking to emigrate until 2012/2013.

many thanks

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Hi 7062,

They tend to be interested in cases that will cost them a lot of money or will be contagious.

Check out this post by Satty.

And when Satty and her family got their visa.

All cases are different but hopefully those posts will help.

Satty got her visa while she was just out of her treatment for Cancer.. I am sure you do not pose a threat for the medicare by his medical condition which does not exist any more. All they might ask for is additional tests when your meds is done.
Many thanks for the replies.

My husband was really starting to think, "they would not touch with with a barge pole" so to speak.

Hopefully Satty is still on the boards and I will PM her as i am interested to know which agent she used. Would rather use an agent with expereince in medical conditions.

she is to leave on 18th for Australia.. which is today.. I suppose she must be already on board or about to board the flight.. I dont think she would be touching a comp in next one week.. Why dont you PM her so she replies when she comes online.

I will leave a word on her wall as well..

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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