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Hi guys,
beeing taking info from the forum for quite a while but is the first time i post.
I also apologize in advance as i understand this question might be redundant.

Been in Australia for almost two years now, first with WHV and now on a student.
My girlfriend is applying for a 189 skilled independent as she is an architect.

We finally passed the dreaded IELTS, got the assesment, so yesterday we made the EOI.

She gets 60 points in total, 30 for age, 15 for the master degree, 10 for ielts score 7 and 5 for 3 years of skilled employment.

She did work for for a total of 3 years and 7 month as an architect, partially during the master , after completing the bachelor. also 6 of those months were a paid internship at philips.

Is the experience she had while completing the master considered valid for visa pourpose?

basically after the bachelor she started working for this company full time, then after a while she moved to philips for a year and then she come back to the same company.

Our problem is that in italy back then was legal to pay cash for low pay jobs, and she never needed to file a tax return (lol no tax comes back to you in italy anyway).

The same company closed most of the business two years ago, declared default. whe managed howerver to get a letter from the CEO back in 2013 before leaving as we already knew we would apply for this kind of visa.

Basically for philips experience, we have it all, first and last payslip, contract, letter from hr and so on

for this other company whe have both of the contracts signed at the time, and a summary letter from the CEO (which is not working for the company anymore but agreed to receive calls from immigation) stating dates, salary, full time, . However as she was payed cash most of the time, we do not have bank records to show that. We found a few payslips she scanned back then but as of know those we found doesn't cover the whole time.

Do you reckon that official contracts and a letter from the CEO would suffice (is on company letterhead, whit his phone number for verification)?

The payslip we have are from both the first and second time, but are not the firs and last as they should be.

Retriving the payslips has prooven difficult as of now, but in case they are mandatory we might think of going back for the sole pourpose of getting them..

thanks in advance,
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