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Hi there,

My skills have been assessed and accepted by ICAA and I am waiting for IELTS results. As I am working on my application by myself, I would like to enquire if you have any experience regarding the relations of the nominated occupation and the occupation according to experience.

I am working as a Business Analyst on IT projects at different insurance companies, this is a real market nieche, but I am nor IT prof or Accountant. My main anxiety, that I have degrees in economics and accountancy (already accepted by ICAA), but as a Business Analyst my work is 50% business (accountancy) and 50% IT related (gathering and systemizing finance related business requirements). Thus, I have decided to go with Accountancy as nominated occupation and Business and Information Professionals (nec) 2299-79 as occupation regarding the recent experience and specific employment.

Am I correct when I suggest, that the nominated occupation and the experience could be on two different fields on the list?

If I go further with Business and Information Professionals, are the plus points for accountancy related tasks applicable?

I would much appreciate if you could share with me any related experience, even if your occupation is something else.
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