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Hi! I'm new to the forum so go easy on me 😜. My boyfriend and I are moving to Viareggio at the end of April. I have work lined up but my boyfriend is looking... And help/advice much appreciated. He's a concreter by trade but has also worked as a painter/decorator/handyman and various other jobs on building sites. He'd do anything really... I'd wondered if there would be anything at the ship yards but have no idea how to find out... Does anyone know?

We'd also really like to meet other Brits/English speaking people in the area... We're in our early 30's but aren't ageist!

Look forward to what your replies bring.


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That would be lovely, Viareggio is home to one of the most important carnivals in Italy and indeed in the world. So you would expect a lot of fun in there and lots of restaurant, I missed that place.
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