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I had completed my bachelors in civil engineering from 2000-2004. I got my provisional in may of 2004 and got actual degree certificate after
graduation ceremony in 2005.

I applied for VETASSESS points test and they said thay my bachelors is comparable to Australian Bachelor Degree and I am happy about it.

Here is what it reads:
Qualification: Bachelor of technology awarded in 2005 by XX institute, India

Above qualification is recongnized by VETASSESS as for the purpose of awarding points for qualifications under the GSM point test as comparable
to the educational level of an Australian Bachelor Degree.

My only question is if that 2005 is a typo? or do they give the date which is mentioned in the degree certificate ? because my bachelors was from 2000-aug till 2004-May. It should have been 2004 right? Will DIAC have a problem with that ?
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