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Hi Friends

This post is on behalf of my friend.

He have submitted his EOI on 8th August.

His timelines are as follows :
- ACS Result (261313) Positive

He has applied EOI. He is Bachelor of Engineer - Mechanical.

More over - during submission of EOI, he was not aware, whether he will need VETASSESS or not.

Later he applied for VETASSESS on Sept 15 for Point Test Only.
His application is still "IN PROGRESS"

Can experts please guide :
1. What is time line for VETASSESS - Point Test Only?
2. Will he need to re-submit his EOI post VETASSESS results come out? As he is claiming 15 points only (for Bachelors Degree) which ideally he will get once result is out.
So will his EOI remains valid where he cliamed 15 points for Education? as EOI does not ask any report like ACS during that time.

Your help will be highly appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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