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Hello everybody,

To cut the long story short, I received my ACS result in mid October. Result was not in my favor as my B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering was not considered & mentioned by ACS in the assessment report.

I decided to go for a VETASSESS assessment to claim the required 15 points for my education.

I spoke to my consultant about this and earlier this month he sent me a confirmation that my application has been completed online and I need to make a payment for the same. He even sent me an application record (pdf) for my signature.

Also a direct debit account details were shared with me for making the fee deposit. Below are the bank details.

Direct Debit - payment into the Vetassess Bank Account.
Account Name :*************** Vetassess
Account Number:*********** 499971809
BSB:*************************************** 013230
Description:*********************** file number XXXXXXX
Bank:**** ******************************* “ANZ” bank
Location:***************************** Broadmeadows *
Swift Code:*********************** ANZBAU3M
Total amount payable:** AUD$ 243.00 (application fee = AUD230.00 + bank charges = AUD13)
You will need to add $13 AUD to the total if you are required to use the Swift Code

I searched every possible page on VETASSESS site and could not find a reference to such a mode of payment. Upon researching further, I found a reference at http://www.vetassess.com.au/download/qualification_assessment/SRG1 Application.pdf
It clearly states that "fees cannot be paid directly into a VETASSESS bank account"

This totally contradicts the information my consultant shared with me and I am beginning to doubt him.

Does anybody else had a similar experience or can help me in deciding what I should do next.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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