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Verification from Australian high commission?

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i'll file my application next week, im a bit concerned about the verification that are done by the high commission, cuz my company has a plan to shift its office to another location and all the documents that i have submitted contains old address, secondly my boss gets annoyed when u cross question him... im worried if he mess up with my verification as he has recently joined and we are not getting along very well.. any advice on how the high commission go about verifying docs and employment?

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Don't worry, DIAC officers are not idiots, they are well trained to know true from not. If your boss makes a mistake or said something they shouldn't DIAC will initiate their own investigation and find out the truth.
One of my coworkers UK boss told a bunch of lies about, DIAC requested information from HM Revenue service and IRD. She got her visa with no problems, since she was telling the truth.
thanks guys for the input... great moral support!!
one more thing one of my friend wants to apply for System Analyst.. he is working in his father's company as an employee for more than 6 years now

can he apply for Australia?
its not a very big company around 25-30 employees, wont that be a problem?
no HR in his company how they can verify his employment?

i have asked him to hire a consultant.. any suggestion?
"great moral support"....This is the real beauty of this forum!!
i have filed my application 175 online.. fingers crossed.. one more question i was hired when i was in my final semester of BCS and as i was going through my documents i found out that my hiring date is Aug 2004 and my graduation date is sep 2004... I hope thats not an issue anyone plz clarify:confused2:
If you`ve worked as a full time employee before your graduation than that's not an issue.
yes i did.. actually i did internship in the same company in june 2004 and they asked me if i can join them full time so i said yes cuz it was my last semester.. im still in the same organization its been more then 7 years now.
As long as your company is showing these dates on the official documents then its not an issue. I started my professional career two years before my graduation.
Thanks Brother!!
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