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My wife has some questions I didn't feel confident answering. If you could help we'd be much obliged. Here's what she sent me.
hello, I have a few questions on financial and accommodation requirements regarding a UK spouse visa. I am a Thai national currently residing back here in Thailand and am about to apply for a visa so to be back with my British husband. We are hoping to combine his earnings and our savings to be able to apply and we're not sure weather that puts us in category A or B.
Also a lot of our savings came as wedding gifts which the BA website says is OK, but does anyone know how we can prove that it is a wedding gift? We've had it in the bank for a little over 6 months to prove it's not a bank loan, is that enough?
He is currently residing in a 5 bedroom house with 3 housemates, is this accommodation OK? And what proof does he need from his landlord?
I haven't taken his surname yet because we thought it would complicate the visa proses, but a friend said it would help. would it help or hinder?
And lastly I got 6.0 on my IELTS in December 2011. Is that still valid or would I have to resit?
Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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