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Hi Folks! I´ve made some research in forums but couldn?t find exactly what I am looking for? How does VAC2 payment process work?

My CO contacted me asking evidence of English for my partner or payment of VAC 2. As instructed in the message I sent an email informing that I will be paying that. In my mind it would have appeared in my Immiacount ( in the management payment area) on the same day. But I think it will work differently, right? It seems they will send me an email with some link or invoice where I should click and then make payment, right?

In the original message, there is a button to be pressed as soon as I provide them with the information. Should I press it after sending the email telling I am going to pay he VAC2 or only after have made the payment and upload the paid invoice?

To summarize:

After sending the email telling them I am going to pay VAC 2, should I press the IP button or not?
Is it going to take 28 days until I receive a feedback from CO regarding this issue?
To pay VAC 2 should I wait until CO send me another email with the invoice or link to the invoice, right?
After making the payment, should I attach any kind of payment prove to immiaccount or it is not necessary?
If anyone has had this experience I would be grateful if you could clarify it for me!

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