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Hi to all, im new to this forum as just entering immigration rules / mindfied - argh!!!

I have just started to get to grips with fiance visa application and dismayed at issues for self employed.

Looking to bring my fiance over to uk from brazil
I am uk citizen and been working in full time employment earning over the 37,000 p.a until June this year.
Left employment and started limited company and been earning excess of 37,000 p.a since July.
I have non employment income of 10000 pa
Have personal savings of 30000
Have earnings sat in ltd company of 35000

It appears that I cannot apply using my current employment until end of the financial year.

My main question is it possible to either;
Categorise my earnings within the ltd company as savings as they are 100% in my control just in company name at the moment. ( If was applying using only cash savings !)


Can I apply as self employed with zero financial statements for previous year (as company not in existence). But then rely on the salaried income I had in the last 12 months combined with non employment income, would be in excess of 18,600.

Or finally, what if I inherited some money, can I use this as part of cash savings if less than 6 mths in my account ?

Many thanks in advance for any help,

Going mad...

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bump bump - This sounds really similar to my situation. Can anyone provide an answer??

I need to bring my finance to the UK from South America for our Wedding in May '14......

I was in full time employment earning over 37K pa until July.
I am now self employed in my own Ltd company already earning 40K +
I have back to back contracts for work until June next year...
I have a rental property - providing non employment gross income of 11K pa
Personal Savings of approx 25K
Business account already 40K +

The financial requirement appendix makes it clear I can not use my current self employment income until I have submitted my Tax return in April.

I can easily meet the 18.6K requirement on 1st 6 months wage slips before I was made redundant. But the Home-office is clearly not just looking at my the history of my finances, they also want to know I have job security.... I can provide.....so that my fiance (dependent) will not be a burden to the tax payer.... How can I meet these silly rules? When I can not count my only source of income as my source of income???

The financial requirements appendix clearly tries to cover all bases, but in our situation fails.
I feel totally in Limbo and I am being kept apart from my fiance.

What can I do to make a successful fiance application to the home office in my situation?? They seem pretty inflexible, and ruthless to defend what is clearly a fault in their process.

I have a sound financial history.
I have a sound financial future.

The Financial Requirement appendix does not appear to provide for my situation. Can anyone help - or suggest a way I can approach this? Perhaps site previous cases where others have been successful and how??

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