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I'm bringing back this thread it was deleted due to all the outdated links, so you can pretty much add anything useful links on this thread I'll start out with a few:

-Philippine Consulate Finder Map US http://philippinesdefense.org/philippines-chicago/consulate-finder-chicago/

-Philippine Consulate General Sydney Australia https://sydneypcg.dfa.gov.ph

-Philippine Consulate London UK https://londonpe.dfa.gov.ph

-Emigration Clearance Certificate ECC A and B Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC)

-How To Get Married In The Philippines https://filipiknow.net/how-to-get-married-in-the-philippines/

-UK Nationals Explanatory Notice Contemplating Marriage In The Philippines https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/marriage-in-the-philippines

-Philippine Bureau of Immigration Main Website Home
-Philippine Bureau of Immigration Satellite Office locations Directory of Transactions
-Philippine Bureau of Immigration Satellite Office listed by Class A, B or C (services they can handle listed) Annual Report
-Philippine Bureau of Immigration Satellite Office more detailed information BI Other Offices

-ACR I Card general information ACR I-Card
-Voluntary Application for I-Card Voluntary Application for ACR I-Card

- US Citizens Outreach Services, sign up for notifications https://step.state.gov/step/
- US Citizen Services Manila Embassy link https://ph.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/

-Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) online request for Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates https://nsohelpline.ph

-SRRV links: Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) for SRRV https://pra.gov.ph/retiree-services/
SRRV Assistance https://www.srrv.com.ph/?gclid=Cj0KC In-debth PDF file on SRRV https://pra.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SRRV-Info-Guide-04.14.15.pdf Official Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/PhilippineRetirementVisa/ One more link https://www.srrv.com.ph/?gclid=CjwKCAiAg9rxBRADEiwAxKDTuh65jhdbzfymwJK4KKH4O58edbL2X2_Lqlasjbh_G1cWSbV0i8d95RoC4dMQAvD_BwE&fbclid=IwAR2xdFAkHUbuZ-s9mkvMJhNzrZg8Y6oMYtpA9eqojEEDtelyxn7AlYVPDHM

-SRRV Diplomatic ties including military from other nations discussion and link https://www.expatforum.com/expats/philippines-expat-forum/1495722-srrv-military-diplomatic-ties-philippine-government-4.html#post15038720

-Bureau of Local Employment, the work permit (AEC) http://www.ble.dole.gov.ph
Explanation and more information found here https://www.aseanbriefing.com/news/2017/08/18/guide-employment-permits-foreign-workers-philippines.html

-US Visa For Widow(er) https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/widower

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Typhoon and heavy weather links and volcano hazards:

- Satellite view of the Philippines in motion, nice and complete view but slow loading
West Color Infrared Loop: Himawari 8 - NOAA GOES Geostationay Satellite Server

-International Hurricane / Cyclone / Typhoon Tracking Map, this map is quick loading and real basic and fast Cyclocane - cyclone and hurricane tracker | Cyclocane

- Windy, gives wind speeds in area you click on and wind directions Windy as forecasted

- Another map much larger photo of the earth showing the winds earth :: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions

- Philippine atmospheric geophysical and astronomical services administration, tracking and more PAGASA

- Can be used for tracking typhoon direction WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar | Weather Underground

- Map and tracking https://weatherph.org/tropical_cyclone/2019-29w-06/

- Typhoon database ???????????????? - ????????

- Current Satellite photo :: Typhoon2000.com® :: The Philippines' First Website on Tropical Cyclones (Since 1997)

Volcano hazards HazardHunterPH - Hazard assessment at your fingertips

Flooding and Dam Level Information PAGASA

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US Passport Renewal

- US Embassy Philippines, instructions will be a little different when it comes to payment and delivery so make sure to read thoroughly and all the pertinent links. https://ph.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/passports/renew-an-adult-10-year-validity-passport/

Some notes:

These 3 banks can only be used for money orders BPI, BDO, SBC and the bank will only accept payment in dollars plus add an additional $10 - $20 for bank fees in dollars only. Bring your passport and permanent resident card to the bank also, they make a copy for their records and they have you fill out a form. Careful these banks if you're not a member try to get you to join or say you have to join but that's not true and you'll probably have to call a bank manager to get that cleared up, this whole process took me about an hour.

Shipping service Air 21, use only the number listed for the US Embassy it's listed in the above link, Air 21 has a branch there (lessons learned again). US Embassy prefers you use Air 21, I used Air 21 and it worked very well they came to my home picked up my documents and when my passport was completed they delivered it back to my home once again, they have a tracking service it was very professional.

Passport Photos: We aren't allowed to wear suits so don't let the guy taking your photo suggest putting on a suit, read the State Department instructions (Online fill in passport form) thoroughly on photo size, back round and clothing worn on how the photo is to be taken and write those instructions down for the Photographer.

Most of this information is listed on the link above, when the Air 21 driver arrives they'll have you fill out two blank forms of paper listing everything you gave them all documents, photos etc... in duplicate and you both sign each paper the driver gets a copy the other is yours so have all your documents placed in a brown shipping envelope (any book store will sell these) marked with the US Embassy Address given on link above, Air 21 has their own non tear plastic shipping bag so they'll put everything inside.

If you live outside of Luzon there's a US Citizens an outreach group from the US Embassy Manila and to get those notifications you sign up for emails on the State Department website, Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, they also handle passports as well as many other things such as Social Security https://step.state.gov/step/

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Va outpatient clinics (fmp)


December 2019

As a reminder to all Veterans using the FMP, providers who agree to bill VA on your behalf for Service-Connected Care may still collect from Veterans for any care provided that is not related to your service-connected conditions. For example, if you have a service-connected rating for a knee disability and are hospitalized for treatment on that knee, all services provided related to your service-connected condition will be reimbursed by the FMP. However, if you have non-service-connected diabetes, any diabetes treatment you receive while you are hospitalized would be your responsibility and you should expect to be required to settle your portion of the bill in cash at the time services are provided.

A current list of FMP participating hospitals is below:

Divine Grace Medical Center General Trias, Cavite, Manila (046)489-2224 (As of 24 Jan 2020 will directly pay VA claims no more filing)

Manila Doctors Hospital United Nations Avenue, Manila (02)8558-0888 (As of 24 Jan 2020 will directly pay VA claims no more filing)

Unihealth Baypointe Hospital Olongapo, Zambales (047)250-6070 (As of 24 Jan 2020 will directly pay VA claims no more filing)

Sacred Heart Medical Center Angeles City, Pampanga (045)624-5606 (As of 24 Jan 2020 will directly pay VA claims no more filing)

The Medical City - Clark Angeles City, Pampanga (045)300-8888 (As of 24 Jan 2020 will directly pay VA claims no more filing)

The Medical City - Iloilo Iloilo (033)500-1000 (As of 24 Jan 2020 will directly pay VA claims no more filing)

Avitus Kidney Care and Dialysis Center Olongapo, Zambales (047)222-1155 (As of 24 Jan 2020 will directly pay VA claims no more filing)

D&A Care – Physical Therapy Metro Manila, Philippines (0917)187-9947 (As of 24 Jan 2020 will directly pay VA claims no more filing)

Manila Hearing Aid Company 14 locations (As of 24 Jan 2020 will directly pay VA claims no more filing)

Asian Hospital Medical Center Alabang, Philippines (02)8771-9000 (As of 24 Jan 2020 will directly pay VA claims no more filing)

Disclaimer: The list of participating hospitals is subject to change without notice and the VA is not responsible if the facility above chooses not to participate.

The Medical Center in Ortigas has suspended billing FMP. This is due to billing practices and submission of incomplete information that result in FMP denying or being unable to process the claim. Currently the following facilities and FMP are working together to resolve the issue. In the meantime, Veterans must settle their bills in cash and request reimbursement from FMP.


Email or fax your claim instead of mailing it. You will reduce processing time by at least two weeks.
Email: [email protected]
Fax number: 1-303-331-7803
Submit your claim in one complete package. A complete package includes:

A completed VAF 10-7959F-2, Foreign Medical Program (FMP) Claim Cover Sheet.
Use a permanent address where mail will always reach you.

Include a diagnosis or nature of illness or injury
Doctor’s name and medical title
Doctor’s office address
Doctor’s office telephone number
Doctor’s billing address if different from office address

Include claim information – ESPECIALLY the Diagnosis Treated
Narrative Description of each service and/or drug (This determines if the condition is Service Connected)
Each service’s billed charge
Date(s) of service.

Submitting an FMP claim without all the required information WILL be denied and you will have to resubmit.

Contact your Veteran Organizations, Retired Activity Officers and Post Commanders to meet with hospital leadership in your community. Several hospitals on the current list are there because the RAO and Veterans organizations facilitated their participation

As part of the announced change by the Philippine Government to expand available telephone exchanges, all phone numbers in Metro Manila changed effective Sunday, October 6, 2019. VA Manila’s new main phone number will be: +63 (2) 8-550-3888. This will connect you to the VA Manila’s Phone System Switchboard, where you can use the following options:
Option 1 – Regional Office
Option 2 – Outpatient Clinic
Option 3 – Transfer to Veterans Evaluation Services (VES)
Option 4 – Transfer to the Foreign Medical Program’s Hotline
Option 5 – Transfer to VBA Offices in the United States
Option 6 – Transfer to the VA MISSION Act Hotline
Option 7 – Transfer to the Veteran’s Crisis Line
Option 8 – Transfer to VA Manila’s AudioCare Line (Pharmacy Refills)
Other important direct dial numbers for the Outpatient Clinic with the new numbering system, include:
VA Manila Toll Free Phone:
+63 1 (800) 1888-5252 (unchanged)
or #MyVA (#6982)
AudioCare (Pharmacy Refills):
+63 (2) 8-556-8387
Clinical Fax (Medical Records):
+63 (2) 8-550-3964
Patient Advocate:
+63 (2) 8-396-3716
Clinic Manager:
+63 (2) 8-396-3735
Lastly – VA Manila is proud to announce that we have created a #Hashtag Phone Number that works with the primary telecommunications carriers in the Philippines, including PLDT, SUN/SMART, and Globe. From either a mobile or a landline on these carriers’ networks, you can now just dial #MyVA (#6982) – and it will automatically connect you to the VA Manila Switchboard.

Information on MRI's

Listed below are the hospitals that would allow the direct billing for FMP:

Manila Doctors Hospital
The complete cost of any MRI procedures and related service (s) will be billed directly by the facility to the FMP.
This is for the Veterans with service connected condition based from their respective Benefits Authorization Letter (BAL).

Same process is also applied for the following :
Inpatient hospitalization including medications and professional fees
Emergency and Outpatient consultation
Other Diagnostic procedures both for inpatient and outpatient service
Dialysis sessions and physical therapy sessions

Asian Hospital and Medical Center
The complete cost of any MRI procedures and related service (s) will be billed directly by the facility to the FMP.
This is for the veterans with service connected condition based from their respective Benefits Authorization Letter (BAL).

Same process is also applied for the following :
Inpatient hospitalization including medications and professional fees
Emergency consultation
Other Diagnostic procedures both for inpatient and outpatient service
Dialysis sessions and physical therapy sessions
Outpatient consultation is on cash basis which the veteran will have to pay. The service is not part of the hospital coverage.

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Survivors Benefit Program (SBP) Retired US Veterans
VA Manila location https://www.benefits.va.gov/manila/

VA Releases Survivors Quick Start Guide
Each person experiences grief differently when a loved one passes, but survivors should not feel confused about what to do next. The Survivors Quick Start Guide provides Veteran family members and caregivers a reference guide for what to do next.

Part of VA’s Welcome Kit, the Survivors quick start guide begins with a step by step checklist for preparing, applying for, and following up on the available benefits. Each step spells out in plain language what to do, what forms to fill out, and who to call if you need help.

The guide also helps families identify VA Survivor benefits and services for which they may be eligible.

The frequently asked questions in the guide include topics such as, “How would a spouse or dependent know what survivor benefits they may be eligible for?” and “As a surviving spouse am I eligible for healthcare?”

Survivor Quick Start Guide

Tips to Expedite Processing of Your Dependency Claim
If you reside outside of the United States, VA requires that you submit evidence to support your claim to add a spouse or child as a dependent. You are required to submit a completed VA Form 21-686C Declaration of Status of Dependents.(Link to form) This can be submitted through your eBenefits account or by mail. In addition to this completed form, please submit copies of documentation that support all:

dissolution of a marriage
birth of a child
introduction of a stepchild into a Veteran’s family
If your spouse or child is not a US citizen and has no Social Security number, please state that on the VA Form 21-686c.

By submitting these documents, it will help expedite the processing of your claim.

More detailed information on SBP:

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Immigrant ACR Card Renewal 13a (every 5 years)

You'll need at least 6 months remaining on your passport.

Link to the beginning of this thread https://www.expatforum.com/expats/philippines-expat-forum/1065826-immigrant-card-renewal-13a.html#post10243554

Renewal of ACR I-CARD
http://www.immigration.gov.ph/images/FORMS/Checklist/4AlienRegistration/BI FORM 2014-08-010 Rev 1.pdf

"Update and final action on my 13a card renewal" So from the very beginning of this forum thread till now I have posted all the forms, steps and locations of how to renew you 13a Non-Quota Immigrant through marriage Visa Immigrant Card.

I submitted this form its two pages and it has to be printed on legal paper 8.5 x 14, actually anything you submit has to be on this sized paper, also whats not really listed is you will need a front and back copy of your old I-Card. http://www.immigration.gov.ph/images/FORMS/Checklist/4AlienRegistration/BI FORM 2014-08-010 Rev 1.pdf

Submitted 02 June and called for the first time 02-525-7557 but it's written on the form as 632-525-7557, the bottom dash marks... Immigrant Officer will cut this out and hand this back to you from your submitted forms, your name and Immigrant number, you'll have to fill that portion out before she does this so be ready ... because they can be so busy that it's just one more step that could drag things out an with me that was an extra 30 minutes plus and if you dial the number 632-525-7557 it will not work so if outside Manila and in the Philippines dial 02-525-7557 I tried dialing this number last Friday and it did not connect in any way, turned out it was some sort of holiday and the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (PBI) was closed so my next try went perfect, I do also check their Facebook spot for information like this and that's how I found out they were closed, so a great place to check before you leave could save you a very long and costly trip, also if the PBI is closed the phone will not connect and there's no answer machine message. On my next try I got through right away and the Immigration Officer said my card has been printed.... I have a very long way to drive, also will be renting out a van, so I had to ask, can I pick up tomorrow and she said "Yes" this was on the 28th June, just got back with my card and I spent less than 10 minutes inside the PBI brought my passport and the cut out Immigration Officer gives you from the renewal form is has the dashes on the bottom, you give that to the Immigration Officer and the window is located way off the left 1st floor Manila and above the window it reads I-Card pick up.

Facebook has an official spot for the Philippine Bureau of Immigration https://www.facebook.com/officialbureauofimmigration it could save you some time because they do post if they are closed, what ever you do don't complain on this spot and if you have question send them a private message they will answer it.


Something I noticed today was several expats trying to fill out the renewal or Immigrant forms, some could have used reading glasses and more light I did feel sorry for the task of doing it in such a busy spot, so it looks like many don't know how to download or find these forms, also many helpers outside asking me if I want help with immigration or need my photo taken...good thing I was prepared and finished, so if you do forget something there's plenty of people that make a living banking on that.

I-Card's now look different, http://immigration.gov.ph/faqs/acr-i-card they are now come in different colors and also on the front lower right bottom they make it clear what kind of card it is, Permanent Resident is what mine reads, or if you are a tourist or a student it will read so.

I only hope that by posting this thread that I've helped someone in making it go much smoother and with just a little less stress.

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SRRV for disabled Veteran under 50 and links. (new posting and still working on this page)

Embassy of the Philippines - Consulate Finder Map

To get a heads up on the New Courtesy SRRV For Veterans, I am going to tell you the name of the woman to see and tell you right where to go! See PRA Officer in Charge, Ms. Scarlet L. Lachica, at either the PRA Office in Angeles City or the PRA Office in Subic. Ms. Lachica is at the Angeles City PRA on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and she is at the Subic PRA office on Tuesday and Thursday. The PRA office email address is [email protected] The office mobile phone contact number is 09179853715.
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