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Hi guys,

First post after coming across this Forum, learnt a massive amount - many thanks!

My family are moving to Dubai in the New Year for a new adventure from the UK. I have a job with a multi-national Oil & Gas Operator.

My question is; I have been given the choice of what currency to be paid in, GBP or USD. I am thinking USD so the exposure to FX is limited. Commitments in the UK is only my home which I am renting & rent will cover mortgage etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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If working in Dubai then probably best to be paid in AED - then you can change this into whatever currency you like.
If paid in USD - then you will still have costs getting that exchanged into AED for day to day use here.
You are also exposed if you then change the USD into UK pounds or any other currency.
The fixed rate between AED and USD only really helps people transacting with USA.
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