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1. I am planning on obtaining a partner/marriage visa, and do have that person to sponsor me. (no children involved). This is NOT an arranged marriage, there is a relationship, and I have visited Adelaide within the last year.
2. I recieve SS disability from the US, and have done some research that this will continue, as I would not be able to work in AU.
3. I do have some belongings and small amount of furniture I would like move as well.
4. Looking to move to Adelaide, SA, from the US. I am wondering about the issue of medical insurance, as I have yet to see anything other than Bupa, Intl. I do have some medical needs.
*Does anyone have any information regarding the above statements, that would confirm the information I have gathered thus far, or deny it?

*Is there someone in Adelaide, South Australia, or Australia in general I could talk to who would either have experience, or knowledge about these subjects?

*I do know there is an informational expat meeting held monthly in rotating locations, including Adelaide. Would it be beneficial for him to attend this meeting? He is concerned that if he attends with my list of questions that it may raise more questions, he may not be able to ge tthe answers for?

Thanks in advance for any information provided.
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