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Hi jerrym,

If the disposal takes place whilst UK Non-resident please be aware that following the changes to capital gains for UK Non-residents, a UK Non-resident owner who makes a disposal of a UK residential property is now required to file the Non Resident Capital Gains Tax Return (NRCGT) to HMRC with the deadline to file this being within 30 days of conveyance.

If the disposal is not reported within 30 days a late filing penalty will be issued and deferment of the payment of any capital gains tax due may not be granted and may become immediately payable.

If the interest in the residential property was held jointly, each individual must file a NRCGT separately notifying their own share.

The above also applies even if you have disposed of only part of an interest in a UK residential property.

Obviously, as the deadline is very tight careful planning is of great importance.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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