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Hi all,

My sister's US boyfriend has come to visit her in the UK. She is a UK citizen. He came into the UK on the 15th Dec, and they both went to Nigeria on the 15th Jan. He is in the UK for 3 weeks getting some emergency dental treatment, but will be going back to Nigeria until they both return on the 15th April.

We are all confused about his visa. All we can find is that his tourist visa in the UK is valid for 6 months. However, is that 6 months from the 15th December, i.e. until mid-June, regardless of the fact that he has been in Nigeria for most of this time, or is it a total of 6 months in the UK, i.e. 6 months plus any additional time in Nigeria, meaning that he has until around September (1 month 15th Dec-Jan, plus 3 weeks medical, plus another 4 months for arguements sake)? Or does his 6 months restart once he leaves the UK for Nigeria and returns, meaning that he has 6 months from the 15th April when they both get back from Nigeria?

Depending on the answer the above, what does he have to do once his 6 months in the UK (whatever form those months take) are up if he wants to stay longer, or return? Does he have to return to the US to get another visa for 6 months, or does he simply have to leave the UK and go back again (as in with the case of it restarting above)? If this is the case, they are taking a short trip to Florence in May; would he have another 6 months from then?

We are all really confused! Any light that can be shed on this would be brilliant.



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he can spend up to 6 months in any one year in the UK
them he cannot return ffor 6 months
so if he did a month in the UK
then nigeria for a months
then he has 5 months left in the UK

after that he stays our for 6 months ....
of course the POE can regulate that at any time
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