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Thank you for your tax information - and I am asking this question here as you all seem to know alot about this process. If you are retired and your American pensions are deposited into American Bank Accounts but you live here in the UK - and do not have an income from the UK - and if you fill out an American Tax from to the IRS - do you have to fill out any forms for the UK for taxes?
Hello Arlene,
I'm afraid you have some reading ahead of you. You may, or may not have a UK tax obligation. You need to establish 3 points clearly:
1) Are any amounts from the US pensions or SS from the US which are deposited into US bank accounts, eventually remitted to the UK for your use?
2) What is your residency status in the UK: resident, ordinarily resident, or domiciled?
3) Depending on 2), would you be required to file a UK Tax return on the 'remittance basis' or the 'arising basis'?

To help you understand the above, have a look first at this:
Tax on overseas income : Directgov - Money, tax and benefits

For a more detailed explanation of residency, see the following (a substantial read):

If you do have US SS eventually remitted to the UK, you'll want to enquire further about the US/UK double taxation treaty. US SS paid directly to an account in the UK can be taxed by the UK only (and not the US), but you may need to invoke the treaty.

For claification, I am not a professional tax preparer, just an equally frustrated taxpayer.
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