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US citizen moving to France

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I got a couple questions but first let me describe my situation.

I'm a EU citizen (not living in France!) and have a boyfriend who is a US citizen. Due the long distance we decided to move to France after the summer.

What options do we have with the visa? I read something about a ''long stay visa for non professional purpose ''visitor visa''. I guess that would be considered the residence permit then right? But there is also a spouse visa, meaning we would have to get married and skip a lot of hassle? Do I have to be a french citizen for that or not? And would that also be for just a year?

Basically what are the options we have here? :)

Thanks! Claudia
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Different experience

There are no "adequate income" requirements - but you do have to show that the EU spouse is "exercising their EU rights" which means you can't just be "hanging out" in France. You need to have a statut of some sort - either you're working, studying, retired or you are living in France without working, in which case you would have to show what you're living on (say, savings or whatever). The prefecture can get sticky about this exercising your EU rights bit, so obviously, the better prepared you are, the easier things will go.
I am a US citizen who moved to France three years ago with my EU (UK) spouse. To obtain my titre de sejour I had to show savings/pension income (no amount was specified) and evidence of private insurance. I was able to enter on a tourist visa and apply once I was here.
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