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Hi All,

After a lot of planning, reading through numerous posts on this forum and waiting I got my AU PR. I intend to move over first before I can bring my family.

Unfortunately, at the last minute the accommodation I had arranged for was cancelled and I am now in a frantic search to secure one.

Please reply/contact me if a room is available for rent. I am looking for a rental period of anywhere between 2 weeks to 1 month as applicable and I would of course be more than willing to continue in the same place until I bring over my family (a further 3-6 months). Since I am now in the job hunt phase, the budget is limited and am planning for around 100-150 AUD per week.

(A bit of a background on me - I am an Indian male who was settled in Singapore , travelling alone now and my wife and child would come over when I secure a job.)

:fingerscrossed: and waiting ...
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