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Hi Guys,

I'm planning to file Australia PR but confused which category should I apply for?

My profile is as below:

- Master of Computer Application (3 year recognized degree)
- Bachelor of Computer Application (3 year recognized degree)

Work Experience:
- 9 years of experience in IT industry.
- I've worked for 2 companies. In my last company my designations were: Associate Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Sr. Software Engineer and then Project Lead
- In the current company my designation is: Sr. Consultant
- With my current company, I've a vliad 457 visa as ICT Business Analyst and designation as Sr. Consultant. I worked in Australia for 5 months from May 2012 to Sept 2012. Currently I'm in India with the same company.

In all these years I had a mixed profile of Development & Testing/QA. However I want to apply for Australian PR in "Software Engineer" category.
None of my experience letters/documents explicitly mention "Testing" or "QA" although I've worked equally on Testing/QA profile as on Software Engineer profile.

- Do you see any issues or problems in this w.r.t. Skill Assessment?
- Can ACS cross verify my roles & responsibilities so minutely from the companies I've worked for?
- Will working in QA/Testing can affect my skill assessment as a Software Engineer?

Any advice will be highly appreciated.


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The PDFs available at ACS' website have PDF files with detailed description for each ANZCO code, which you should use to decide which category to choose from.
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