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G'Day mates in distress,

I'm in a pickle and my immigration attorneys responses to my concerns have been given the typical 'no worries'. With the recent changes in immigration I feel that my situation is really screwy.

So here we go:
Total 80 points
35 years old
PTE -perfect
2+ years work in Stats field
Highly relevant/positive VetAssess
Masters in Biostatistics from an Aus uni
A nominated job in the Statistician field

Firstly, I was on a bridging 457 in Queensland (lived in Vic for 4 years beforehand) and due to a situation out of my control, I was forced to resign from my position and moved back to Melb after only 6 months.

After getting a job and waiting for 6 months, I applied for the 190 Victoria State Nomination EOI Feb 28th 2017 and was approved March 1st 2017, quickly so thought I was getting lucky.

My immigration attorney submitted all doc's and completed the 190 application on March 15th 2017 with good health check.

Received an unsatisfactory 457 QLD application on May 25th 2017 (former employers actually never submitted my docs) and had 28 days to respond. Bridging for 1 year at this point.

Withdrew my 457 nomination 21st June 2017. Still cant find my reference number or any other PR 190 visa application info on VEVO.

July 1st, Victoria removed Statistician from 190 visa to the 189. Immigration attorney never notifies this to me. I find out and freak, cause you know up to $10 K in application costs now plus 5 years of my life in Australia.

I've been waiting for my 190 visa to be processes since March 15th, distressed that my immigration attorney isn't doing his job and notifying me and with the removal of the Statistician from 190 visa and logically fear my 190 application will be rejected because there aren't any more spots for my field since the sudden change.

Will I be rejected because the removal of Statistician 190?

Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?

Thanks for your time.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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