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I am on my way to my biometrics appointment and when looking over my application, it says the following:

Type of Visa: Settlement
Purpose of Application: Settlement
Type of Application: Wife
Total Fee: 1889.00 USD
Submission Method: By mail - applicant blah blah blah
Issuing Office: British Consulate General New York

I thought our settlement visas were processed in Sheffield?! Absolutely bricking it that I've applied for the wrong damn thing! Argh!!!!!!
You should be fine, as long as your application says settlement-wife, which it does. I wouldn't put much stock in most of the other info. I applied from Toronto and I think mine said the same. I had a lot of confusion about where mine would be processed, my immigration specialist even thought it would happen in New York because it's what our application said, but you're right, it'll be processed in Sheffield.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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