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Hi All,

I am applying for ILR with my wife next week.

I came on work Permit Oct 2008, got Tier 1 Feb 2009 and Tier 1 Extension April2012 have been working as a Director of the limited company since 2011

Please review the document listed below.

1) Completed SET O Application form (Should I put NA or a diagonal line on/across the sections not applicable to me or leave the sections blank)
2)My Passport,Previous passport and my wife's current passport
3) Mine and wife's biometric card
4) 2 passport size photographs for myself and my wife with names at the back
5) Like in UK pass certificate for myself and wide..
6) 3 months bank statement(Maintenance proof) is this needed????? if yes how much funds should we have
Income Proof last 12 months
7) Dividend Vouchers + do I need to sign and stamp these or the accountant???
8.)Salary Slips signed and stamped by accountants
9.) Personal Bank statement
10.) Account letter for last 12 months (Earnings proof)
11.) Profit and loss accounts by the accountants

(Cohabitation proof)
12) Bank statement for last 2 years for myself and my wife having the same address.
Can these be any random months and do they have to be from the same authority???
Can I give BT bill for May 2012 SKY for July 2012 Bank statements for Dec 2012 and so on ??? or sould we give just one document???

Please advise if these documents are sufficient or not for me and my wife's ILR application.

Also I am not submitting any proof for my absences from UK as they dont exceed 180 days but we were absent for holidays (several 1-2 weekish holidays) outside UK.
Do we need to provide any proofs???

DO we need anything else??

WP proof for the 5 months Oct 2008- Feb 2009 I dont have much from that time... I have a P60 but that's only got about 4K as my salary for the entire period as most of it was paid in india.

I have 3 other p60 documents but I am missing one from 2011 when it wasnt generated due to the fact that I moved to the limited company then and we were not running a payroll but I do have SA302 documents for that year and 2012,2013 years.
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