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Just a quick recap and development on my france-as-a-non-EU-spouse-journey so far, hopefully can help ease some fretful minds as reference!

Here we go:

DEC 2016 Arrival with VISA SANS Vignette

FEB 2017 OFII Meeting in Rennes. Personal experience reference here:

APR Received note from OFII regarding convocation dates in MAY
Education civique and Vivre en France. 2 separate dates, one week in between each formation. Done in French and English. Had MCQ test at the end of each formation and received certificates needed for visa renewal.

AUG went to enquire about renewal. Appt set for JAN 2018 for DEC 2017 expiration date (as in FIVE months ahead in BREST Prefecture so forget about the 2 month in adv deal, go apply for an appointment as soon as you can!). No worry about expired visa so long as have the appt receipt on person to show. If working, employers have the right to help advance your visa process so ask them to contact prefecture directly (as is told to me by the fonctionnaire).

In the meantime had also applied for a license exchange (refer to your prefecture as this depends on the agreement between country of origin and France),so no lessons necessary, took 2 weeks. I will be the owner of a French license until the day I decide to leave France indefinitely, which means the prefecture will be holding on to my original driver's license till (or should) that day comes. Had been suggested to apply for an international license by mail which apparently is easy and doesn't take any time at all.

So there you go. Hope this helps someone in someway! Bonne journee!
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