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Well we finally sent our application off and Australian High Commission in London received it on 28 August. We had an email reply on 11 September requesting more evidence of our de facto relationship!!

This has been so stressful as when I moved in with O/H I didnt put my name on any bills! So we dont have that much proof that we have been together for more than a year! we have actually been together for 3 years and living together for 2 but only have proof for about the last year. Apparently the time we have been together before living together is counted as "dating" and any evidence we have for that period doesnt count!!! This is surprising to me as I would have thought being in a committment relationship was irrelevant of whether you lived together or not! So worth making a note if anyone is in the same situation.

Anyway we have sent off what we had and are now just waiting. I am sure i have 100 more grey hairs now! :eek: I keep checking the emails about 5 minutes! :ranger::ranger::ranger:

Will keep you updated when we receive a reply!!

LP xx
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