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Update on our Visa 457 Timeline

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Hiya all, it's been a long time since I last posted on the forum so I thought I'd give you all an update.

I've had all my ops and treatment done etc, sent off the meds in August, and was appointed a CO.

Marks and the childrens medicals passed without any probs but mine are still "under review".

Because of the new migration law on 14th sept 09 for 457's we had to provide evidence that we will have adequate private health insurance in place before we arrive in Aus. There is a new condition which is part of the Visa which states that we need to keep our health insurance on-going for the duration of the visa or show evidence that we have enrolled successfully with Medicare. Luckily UK is in Reciprocal Agreement with Aus so all we needed to do was get an Interim Membership with a Health Insurance and it only cost us $50 with IMAN Health Insurance. We'll probably pay 1 months premium and cancel as hopefully during that time we would have been able to enrol with Medicare but even if we kept it going its no major concern.IMAN Health Insurance were brill as within 24hours we had the membership certificate as well as a compliance letter for the DIAC.

Now the paperworks back with the CO and its back to the waiting game. There has been some mixed messages as HOC are saying my medicals were finalised successfully but the CO has been saying they were still under review.LOL

Anyway, will keep you all updated when things change

Satty xx:love:
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Hi Satty,

Thanks for the update.

Fingers crossed the HOC is correct.

Fingers and everything else crossed for you Satty....

Thanks Kaz & Dolly,

Can't wait to say YEAH WE GOT IT....... But for now it's praying and waiting and more praying and waiting. Just don't want any mixed messages. Hopefully HOC will email me back with confirmation. Got email from Migration agent, Case officer has everything apart from a letter from OH's employer regarding his job description etc, which is being sorted out. He hasn't had any updates on my meds yet but he too can't understand why it's taken so long as they've had it since August so surely if there was any issues they would let us know by now. Any way will let you know what they say next week.

Panicking a bit as house buyer wants to start exchange of contracts and talk completion dates but I don't want to jump the gun:confused:.

xx Satty:love:
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