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Hi everyone, I'm South Korean citizen planning to apply for unmarried partner visa with my British partner. I posted few questions here before, I've prepared pretty much since then.

My partner and I are trying to get approved without solicitor's help. Any tips are appreciated. Thank you in advance!!

- My current status
Tier 2 (Working visa) visa expires 2019
Living together with my partner since June 2015
Collecting evidences of cohabitation together since 12 Sep 2015
Planning to make an online application and pay fees in the end of August 2017
Planning to visit Croydon for visa 10 Sep 2017

- Cohabitation
June 2015 - Sep 2015 in Bristol (3months)
Lived in the partner's room rented. A friend of my parter owns the house. There's no my name on the tenancy agreement but I got some official letters (NI letter etc) with the address and the friend's signed letter. (Confirming I lived as a third person)
Sep 2015 - Sep 2016 in London (1 year)
Officially lived together in London
Sep 2016 - Current in Cambridge (1 year)
My partner moved to Cambridge because of his work, I rented a room in London, We only spent weekend together. But both bills/official letter goes to same address in Cambridge.

- Docs prepared

1. Application personal info
Passport/Previous passport/BRP card

2.English requirement
IELTS UKVI certificate (got it Aug 2016)

3. Sponsor's immigration status
Full copy of passport

4-1. Sponsor Finances (Sponsor meets annual income requirement)
-Work contract
-A letter from employer : Certificate of employment (Includes salary, length of employment)
-Payslips : February to August (25th every months, 6 months covered)
-Bank statements : (Same period of payslips) 6 online statements + bank stamps on them
-Sponsorship Form

4-2. Applicant Finances : *I don't think this is necessary
-Work contract

5-1. Cohabitation (in Bristol)
-Tenancy agreement (Only partner name on it)
-A friend of my partner's letter to confirm I have lived there as a third tenant
-Applicant's NI letter
-Partner's Tax letter

5-2. Cohabitation (in London) - All both names on it
-Tenancy agreement
-Water bill
-Electricity bill
-Council tax
-GP letter for each of us
-Home insurance

5-3. Cohabitation (in Cambridge) - All both names on it
-Tenancy agreement
-Joint bank account letter
-Water bill
-Council tax
-Home insurance)

6. Proof of relationship
-1 Page of relationship timeline sheet with a photo together (Spending christmas together)
-Joint bank account statement
-2 Pages of Holidays flight tickets/hotel receipts, 2 photos together
-Flight ticket my partner visited my country for 3 months
-2 Cover letters (Partner's and mine)
*I'm not sure we should include text/phone/email records - we live together we don't really text or phone. When we do, it's like I'm coming home, or stupid memes. And we're not kind of couple that writes love letters to each other. Any advices?

7. Relationship maintenance
-Tenancy agreement from September 2017 for 1 year. (We're moving to London)
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