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Thank you for your comments: helpful!

I'm in the stages of getting my daughter to france to study for her masters; her french is passable, she has had 4 years high school and four years college. We are trying to navigate the CampusFrance site. It is not easy.

She will have her bachelors this June and wants to start in on her Masters the following September. As far as you know, should she take an acclimatizing year long class first and then sign up for her masters? We are a little confused about the DU and License classes as opposed to M1, M2 classes.


Hey Bev (and everyone else who needs the same help)!

I hate to dig up an old thread, but I have gone the route that was suggested as it was the most conclusive. In fact, I even made a post a little while back about my woes with the "new" student carte process.

It's been a REAL pain in the rear ever since but I finally have worked everything out and have my 6 month carte de sejour on the way. Apparently, now at the Paris prefecture, they no longer issue students year-long cartes. This, of course, could merely be my individual case as all things French are never the same.

So, I am here to propose a very thorough idea of what I want, just not sure how to achieve it. Let's begin!

I completed my summer session at the Sorbonne. Everything was good, classes were great and helpful and my French has improved a lot. I will be beginning my winter semester starting October 9th - January 10th. I do not intend to continue classes there after as they are just way too expensive. In fact, I never planned on doing more than the winter semester but now that I have only been issued a 6 month carte, it seems I am back to "Either continue school, or get out of the EU". I was HOPING (haha) to come, have my first year CdS and during that time form my freelancing business under the auto-entreleneur status so when my renewal time came around, I could switch my status proving that I was successfully making money and pay my social contributions.

I pick my carte up from the prefecture on September 28th, at which point I can apply online for my auto-entrepeneur status. I have just been flying under the radar with my freelance work lately (quite easy, really) but would like to get set up with AE soon so I have more documents to back my case when applying to switch my status. I know that switching from a student card really isn't supposed to happen, although I was able to find some brief info on the Paris prefecture website that kind of alludes to it being possible - I would just have to REALLY prepare my dossier.

So, my questions are as follows ( I would like to break them into two categories )

1) Switching Status
- Have you heard/know of any success stories on switching from student status?
- If so, what road was taken?
- What status should I apply into? I would really like to receive the carte competences et talents, but there still seems to be much confusion on whether or not this can be obtained WHILE in France. I have read that you can, and even that students can apply to change their status, but no details were even given past the mention of "it can be done". It seems to be another case of "if they prefecture hasn't heard of it, then no, it isn't possible". By the very MEANS of the CeT carte, you SHOULD in theory be able to apply for it while in France. Again, it's depending on the prefecture. I would hope that Paris would be (slightly) up to snuff on this status as it's not incredibly new at this point.

2) Taxes (eek)
- I make most (at this point all) my money from American clients.
- I really don't make much Freelancing, but it's a life-style choice over my high-money, high-stress, long-hours office job.
- I moved to France mid-year ( arrived in June ) and was still on payroll for my American firm up until April 09

Those are the most important tax details and my 1 major question is - How do I avoid double taxation? Or actually, how do I avoid paying taxes to the US is more concise. I have heard of the overseas tax exemption, but I am quite possibly to worst "money handling" person in the world. I know so little about the field. Would you be able to explain? Is there a set number that if you make less than $XXXXX/year, you don't have to pay to the US tax?

Sorry for the extremely long post. I really know what path I want, I just need to understand the best approach. I would like to make this switch at the end of my expiration of this current carte and I will have already been enrolled as an auto-entrepeneur with backing documents at this time. In fact, the day I have my carte in-hand (Sep 28), I am applying immediately.

So, lay it on me! What is this going to take? (and thank you as usual, you are a huge asset to the community and we all appreciate it)

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I've moved your post into a thread of its own, as we're no longer talking about the Competences et Talents thing here.

As you have noticed, the French educational system doesn't conform to the "anglo-saxon" (as the French call it) bachelors-masters-doctorate schema. Europe is supposed to be moving to this, but the French universities and university students have proven to be particularly resistant.

You may want to take a look at the EU pages on the educational systems - EUROPA - Studying in the European Union - especially the EURYDICE data base on France (which includes a section on tertiary education - i.e. university level) and the "Modernising European Higher Education" report.
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