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Hi all!

I am a MFL (modern foreign languages) teacher that did a PGCE at the London Metropolitan University and got one year work experience.
After one year living in Melbourne, i've decided to apply for the skilled visa 189.

My assessment body is the AITSL and they require an university letter as evidence that I undertook at least 45 days of teaching practice under a mentor's supervision: "A minimum of 45 days of supervised teaching practice with the age range of the students relevant to your nominated occupation is required. The statement must be on official university letterhead, be signed and dated and include the length of the supervised teaching practice completed and the age range of the students taught".

I have been emailing and even calling Londonmet but they keep ignoring me! So I thought it would be better if I wrote the letter so that they only had to print it out on an official university letterhead and sign it. However, I am not very sure what exactly must be included in the letter... Could anyone who has applied for the same skills assessment give me some tips on what to write?

I would really appreciate it! thank you very much in advance :)
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