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Hi all,

Please help with my concern.

I graduated a 4-year bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. However, according to the Aus list of qualification, my university degree is not equivalent to a bachelor degree. It is only equivalent to a diploma degree – skill level 2.

And worse, there is no occupation code in the skill level 2 around mechanical engineering for the 189/190/489 visa.

I have 6 years of experience (from 2012 til now). I can do PTE 79 (if I have to).

Does anyone have experience / know how to deal with this issue? I’m so disappointed right now.

1. Are my 6 years of experience enough to achieve a bachelor degree with EA under Engineering Technologist?

2. How does EA assess us to be an Engineering Technologist?

3. Should I try to assess with EA as Professional Mechanical Engineer or Engineering Technologist?

4. If EA refuses me both Professional Mechanical Engineer and Engineering Technologist, what should I do? What other option do I have?

Thanks a lot!
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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