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Dear Friends

One our colleague at Chandigarh wants to send his sister to Australia for under graduation studies. He's got relatives there at Melbourne, so his only choice is at Melbourne.

Allow me to reproduce his WhatsApp query (Apologize for lazy language)

1.There are a number of universities which I have shortlisted.
Two G8 universities are Uni Melbourne and Uni Monash. They are charging huge fees to the tune of AUD 38000 and 36000 per annum respectively.I want her to study in uni campus that too in Melbourne only.
Second category is of Swinburn uni,La trobe uni,Deakin uni,RMIT uni and Victoria uni and they are charging somewhere in between 22000 to 26000 AUD per annum fees.These are also reportedly good universities but do not fall in G8.
How far our decesion of choosing uni from 1st group and 2nd category university affects her career.

2.Subjects which I am thinking of studying are a) data sciences, b)BI(Business intelligence) and c) cyber security.
These subjects are offered during B.Sc or B.IT or B.Computer science etc but not in B.Tech degrees.
Is our decision of choosing B.Sc degree with these subjects correct?
If not,please suggest subjects which are upcoming and offer good career.

3. One important query that if we approach universities directly,shall we get discount in fees and fair chances of scholarship ?

4. Criterion for Scholarships in those universities.

5. Will studying in Australia help her in acquiring PR in some way.

Though I had presented these questions to my friends over there, I felt this would be a greater arena, as we have a vast experienced persons available at here. I highly value your responses.

Thanks in Advance.
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