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Has anyone had recent experience in obtaining either a primary or renewal Rabies vaccination in the UK for their dog(s) ?
Reason I ask is that one of the former members of my rescued housepack, (little Sophie a 5kgm Chihuahua cross), became due for her renewal shot.
Rabies shots administered here in Spain only have a validity of one year whereas in the UK, the validity (of UK administered vaccinations) is 3 years.
All my local Spanish vets charge a flat rate of 10€... regardless of the size of the dog. Sophie's shot, administered by a Hampshire practice, was charged at the staggering (to me) equivalent price of 57€.
For another three euros I could get booster shots for all six of my Spanish dogs!
I queried this price with the practice earlier today and was advised that 'that is the going rate.'
When Sophie was relocated to the UK, her mother, Pippa, a somewhat larger, typical street mutt was relocated to Scotland. She too has just had a renewal shot and her vet charged £25.
So... anyone... your experience?
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