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Just a post to say my visa was approved and goodluck for everyone else applying. A big thankyou for Nyclon and Joppa for reviewing my final visa submission documents and anyone else who provided advice to myself. It really is appreciated! My experience with the visa has obviously been a nerve-racking one but all worth it! Thought i'd post what I ended up submitted as documentation. Just a bit of background, I'm Australian, my partner is British and we have been together living in Australia since May 2012 (he has permanent residency in Aus) but I didn't start living with him until January 2013.

Application Documents;
Printed VAF4A Applicant Form
Application Payment Receipt (in email)
2 x Passport Photos (Name on back of each)- only ended up needing 1.
Passport- I didn't submit my older ones as I have no clue where they are! Not stolen, I've just lost them. I wrote a letter saying I lost them. But the Australian Government were able to provide me with dates, numbers etc.
Introduction Letter from me (applicant) it’s pretty wordy to be honest but it’s to the point also. Was about 3/4 of a page.
Proposed Flight Itinerary.

Letter of support- about half a page, and he signed it.
Copy of sponsors passport
VAF4 Appendix 2- the financial documents. All filled out.
Work Offer Letter- UK employer
Work Contract- UK employer
Work Contract- In Australia, showing salary, start date (of 2011) etc
Letter from employer stating start time and confirmed permanent employment.- UK employer
Payslips from last 6 months from employer in Aus. We’re applying under category A as my partner has been with his work for longer than 6 months and he has a job offer in the UK.
Bank statements from 6 months (which match payslips).

Our r/s started in May 2012 when we met through mutual friends but we didn’t start living together until Jan 2013.

In Jan 2013 I moved into the apartment he shared with his friend (male) and I lived there with them BUT I wasn't on the lease so I have from 2013 to prove us living together;
Joint utility bills for my sponsor and I- I included 1 from March 2013 as that was the earliest piece of evidence I had. The rest of the mail was just 1 letter at the same address for the next 2 years. I had 1 piece for every 4 months. It didn't look like enough to me but my partner said I shouldn't overload them!
A letter from the other tenant also at my sponsors stating me moving into the flat in Jan 2013.
A letter from my father (who owned the flat I lived in previously to moving in with my sponsor) saying that I moved out in Jan 2013.

2014; We lived together in 2014 and were both on the lease and had loads of utility bills together and joint mail, but again we just submitted 1 for every 4 months so as not to overload them.

Accommodation in UK;
Letter from sponsors parents saying I'm the partner of their son and that we're both entitled to stay there as long as we can.
Council tax bill
A report from when my sponsors parents bought the property which detailed the number of bedrooms etc. I didnt have time to get a property inspection report!
I took Joppa's advice and was able to pay 3 pounds and get the deed which showed them both as owing the property.

Spreadsheet detailing exact timeline of relationship and how long we have lived together; not sure this was needed!
Tenancy agreements- Jan 2014- May 2015.
Joint Bank Statements; we opened a joint account in 2013
Holiday E-mail Confirmation for the flight when i went to the UK in Dec 2013 to meet and spend xmas with my sponsors family.
Photos; around 8. I got them off Facebook so it shows the date the photo was taken just to be sure.
Money transfers; for the 2013 year- as we didn't open our joint account until November 2013.
A letter from his superannuation showing me as beneficiary.
Letter from employers listing each other as case of emergency person
Statement from my insurance, car, listing him.
Ambulance cover listing myself and my sponsor on a family cover. I was lucky here as I added him just after we met in 2012!

Application submitted online; 19th April (Priority)
Bio metrics taken; 29th April (AM) Wednesday.
Visa decision email; 5th May Tuesday (PM)
Call to say documentation (and visa) had arrived; 7th May (AM). So the whole process took 8 days!

Again, goodluck to all!
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