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Hi there,

I've been lurking and trying to piece together information, however I am feeling quite overwhelmed and would really appreciate some help.

I am a British Citizen by birth, I've been living in New Zealand for 4.5 years and my American partner (John) is here on a work visa. We are getting married in May and I would like to move home soon after that. We would like to apply for the Spouse visa.

Can someone please shed some light on which application form we need to fill out and the documents that we will need? As I believe it is different if you are applying from outside the UK (at least the application form is). From what I understand I will need to have a job lined up earning over the 18.6K limit as well as provide payslips for the past 6 months proving that I have been earning over that here as well (which I have been).

I have a whooole bunch of documents that we put together for the NZ visa application, including photos, letters of support, evidence of correspondence and accommodation but would really love to hear from people who actually know what the UK government's requirements are.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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