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Can someone check my wife's UK Spouse settlement Visa checklist? Any advice would be appreciated:


Letter of Introduction (2 A4 sides, signed)
Original Pakistani Passport (first passport)
Original Pakistani ID Card (Nadra)
2 x Passport sized photos
Visa4UK application form with Health Surcharge ref number written on front page.(not submitted yet)
Appendix 2 form (Category A)
IELTS A1 test certificate
TB test certificate


Letter of support
Sponsorship declaration (stamped and signed in front of a solicitor)
Passport bio pages
Overseas Pakistani ID card copies

FINANCIAL (Salaried Category A):

• 7 months payslips (October – April) all showing gross income as £1580-00
• 6+ months Bank statements from 29th October 2014 – 11th May 2015
(the last bank statement from 20.04.15 – 11.05.15 is printed from Local Bank branch with there stamp and signature)
• Contract of employment
• Employment letter dated 11th May 2015 showing:
Company, job title, employment start date, gross annual income, payment start date, method of payment, and permanent full time employment.
• Letter from company accountant – Confirming same details as employer and also confirming that P60 and pay slips are authentic and issued by the firm.
• P60 – covering tax year 2014-2015 – I have attached a note stating that P60 does not coincide with my current gross income of £18960 as I started my employment on 1st September 2014 and the P60 is from April 2014.


• Poll Card showing my name and address
• Home Owner (uncles) attested Passport copy and letter of support to live on rent-free basis as long as we wish.
• House inspection report
• Recent Council tax bill on home owners name
• Land registry documents
• 2 house photos


• Urdu Marriage certificate attested by mufti of Azad Kashmir
• English translation also attested by mufti
• Engagement photos from last year
• Flight tickets and boarding passes from visit in 2014 and one visit in 2015
• Wedding invitation card
• Wedding photographs stapled to 11 sheets of A4 paper (2 on each sheet)
• 12 Photographs of couple together after marriage
• Mobile text message screenshots
• talk home call records (from July 2014 until now, used to use calling cards before)
• Skype screenshots
• Whatsapp screenshots plus chat logs
• Money transfers receipt.

I wish to submit my application and book appointment at VAS before 28th May 2015 to stay in the 28-day rule from last pay slip (30.04.15).

Can someone please check to see if I should add or disregard anything.

I have put all originals in a file with each document in a separate plastic wallet with dividers for each section.

Also made copies of everything and put a rubber band in middle without stapling anything.

Thanks in advance.

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Seems pretty complete. Keep relationship evidence to no more than 10-15 pages in all.

People have had different experiences at VACs in Pakistan run by Gerry's, where they are sometimes told only to submit copies and not originals. I suggest you keep two piles, arranged in identical order, without using sleeves, wallets or dividers. Settlement applications all go to Islamabad embassy first, where they keep originals including passport and send the rest to London (Croydon) for processing. When the visa is approved, they get electronic notification from Croydon and insert the vignette into your passport and notify that passport and original documents can be collected from the relevant VAC or will be sent by courier if you've paid for it.

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No, and it doesn't really need to be included for spouse visa, but VAC staff esp in the subcontinent often require it so best to submit it.
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