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i applised for my wife on the 17 june 2015 i married feb 26 arrived back 14 march 2015
she was informed it would take 57 days inshaa ALLAH
on the same day she recieved an email that the documents have been forwarded
to ukiv
on the 24 june she recieved another email that he paperwork is being prepared for assesment by an entry clearence officer, inshaa ALLAH
i live in perterborogh but work in london
and i will move to london as soon as my wife recieves her visa we will live at my parents home

in my documents i sent
employer letter
letter from my parents saying i can move in with my wife once she arrives
a letter from my sister also confirming the same
house survey report
letter from my employer
my parents mortage statement
my parents utility bills (as i do not have any bills in my name)
bank statements ( 6 months)
wage slips ( 6 months)
my cover letter
declartion letter
my wifes cover letter
passport coppies
wedding pics
and pics from the 2 weeks i stayed after wedding
my wifes passport
her id
tb cert
english cert
boarding cards stubs going and coming from pakistan
i am just praying all goes well inshaa ALLAH

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Hi i am also applying for my husband to come to the uk. I have submitted everything just need to send documents to sheffield. I have submitted the following:

Photocopy of all pages of passport
Accomdation- letter from parents giving prnission us to stay there, property inspection report, land registry, council tax bill on mums name
6 utility bills(phone on my name)
Finacial requirement - 6 bank statements, 6 payslips, 6 bank receipts, p60
Employment- employment letter stating permanent cnract and start date of emplyment and that salary was deposited into my account and i am a transferred employee also the date i have my new entrct if emplyment, contract of employment

Proof of marriage- marriage certificate, english and urdu+ translated

Tb test certificate,
English test certificate

Relationship communicaton- calls from viber, Line, calls made from uk vectone pay as you go to husbands mobile number, calls made from pakistan number to uk land line, wedding photos, photos taken when tome was spent together

Does my husband need to provide a copy of his passport as part of his application? Or his Id card?

Remember me in ur prays ?

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