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Hi guys,

I thought I would set up an account here as I know the knowledge and support is vast thankfully.

Basically I am in a challenging situation with an Indonesian girl I met online about 9 months ago.

We are now deeply in love and talk of our dream of living together most likely in the UK.

Having been made redundant from my last job, I am now searching for a job that meets the financial requirement. Luckily for me my job is a relatively high ranking police officer has found me at least two jobs for myself to apply for within the police.

I am 24 years old and my girl is 19 years old.

She is currently studying for her business and marketing degree in Jakarta.

We met about 10 weeks ago in India where she was studying. We spent two weeks together at the end of her trip, it was truly amazing.

Her parents know about me and absolutely hate me for reason's unknown. But of course they are Muslim, I am not but have no problem becoming, I am also white westerner and I think they hate this also.

My girlfriend was brought up Muslim but you would never have thought it she doesn't follow Islam herself her parents do.

Now I mean she has three years left of studies and we constantly talk about being together. She really wants to be with me, we know now is obviously not the right time, I need time to get myself sorted with a job etc.. Luckily the house I live in is virtually 2 houses in one as we had a good size extension put on a few years ago made for at least 3 people.

Housing is not as issue.

Just she admits she is immature and really wants to be with me more than anything etc.. I want this also. I know anything can happen within a few years.

She wants to get a scholarship anywhere outside of her country next year or year after and fly to visit me etc... She thinks her parents or Indonesian laws can stop her from coming to UK. I beg to differ but really am not one hundred percent certain.

I have many many questions. I would be truly grateful for any advice and support from members.

Thank you so much for your time.

Kind regards,


p.s. I apologise if I post in wrong section of forum, please forgive me.
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