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I wonder if anybody can help me! I manage a UK registered events management company providing dance competitions around the UK, Europe and the world. In other countries we have sold the licence / franchise to a resident in that country such as oz, Canada, Thailand, dubai etc but with the USA I would like to keep it myself. I want to bring our brand to the USA and initially run 4 or 5 one day events around the country with a national final with a view to then qualify some dancers to compete in the UK and at the world championships. Longer term I would like to replicate the UK model in the states and have an event a week around the country and including branding outfit our academy and tools they offer.

I have no idea where to start! I've had a little look at tax implications and it appears if the participants pay to enter the event or any money to our company then we are protected by the UK / us tax treaty so we don't pay twice? Also saw some help we can get with marketing and funding to decide where we start the events.

Any advice at all would be appreciated - anybidy who has branched a UK company in to us would be great! Eventually I would like to move my family to the states but just want to get something off the ground.

Also any advice on visas would be great - I think I could have a b1 fir the few times I would enter to run the event and my staff would also need visas such as choreographers / judges etc.

Anything at all will be helpful its a mind field!
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