Visitor arrivals to New Zealand soared to a new record in November, up 8% compared with the same month in 2012, according to the latest figures from Statistics New Zealand.

They numbered 251,100 in November 2013 and on an annual basis numbers were up 5% to reach 2.7 million, the data also shows.


More visitors came from Australia, up 52,700, while those from China increased by 36,400, and those from the United States increased by 19,000. Most migrants came from the UK, China and India.

Holidaymakers accounted for most of the increase coming from Australia, the United States and Germany. ‘New Zealand welcomed 15,200 more holidaymakers compared with the same time last year,’ said Susan Hollows, population statistics project manager.

New Zealand had a seasonally adjusted net gain of 2,800 migrants in November 2013. This was down slightly from 3,000 in the previous month but well up from the net loss of 100 in December 2012.

Hollows said that net gain has increased in recent months due to fewer people departing to live in Australia, as well as more arriving migrants.

The seasonally adjusted net loss of 1,000 migrants to Australia in November 2013 was just up from the previous month’s 900. Apart from small increases in the last two months, the net loss to Australia has fallen steadily since December 2012 when it was 3,300.

In the latest year as of November 2013, migrant arrivals numbered 93,000, the highest since the November 2003 year when it was 93,400. New Zealand had a net gain of 19,500 migrants, compared with a net loss of 1,600 in the previous year.

New Zealand's net loss to Australia dropped to 22,100 migrants, compared with 38,800 a year earlier. Net gains were recorded from most other countries, led by the United Kingdom at 5,900, China at 5,600, and India at 5,300.

New Zealand residents departed on 171,300 overseas trips in November 2013, down 1% from November 2012. Over the year, New Zealand residents took 2.189 million trips, up 1% from the previous year.

The most common destinations were Australia with 1.005 million choosing to visit, followed by the United States with 140,800, Fiji with 110,100, and the United Kingdom with 96,300.