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Hi all - I'm asking this on behalf of a friend.

- She just got ILR
- But her relationship with husband has broken down
- They want to do a trial separation.

So two questions:

- I'm assuming because she already has ILR, she does not have to inform Home Office of "change in circumstance"?
- Can she apply for naturalisaton while on trial separation?


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Your friend has nothing to worry about (as far as her status in the UK goes)... she has ILR so she is able to remain

The official Home Office guidance only indicates that they need to be informed of a marital breakdown when "...[the] visa is based on your relationship if you have permission to stay in the UK for a limited time as...the partner of a British citizen, EEA national, ‘settled’ person with indefinite leave to remain, or someone with refugee status or humanitarian protection."

Her ILR is not time limited in the way that FLR(M) is (although there are time limits in regards to renewing her stratus) so she doesn't have to inform the Home Office (and he cannot write in to have it revoked).

If I were your friend, I'd be filling in the naturalisation form ASAP...
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