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Hi All,

I'm currently in Australia on my 2nd year WHV which expires on June 11th (next week). I plan to fly to NZ the same day my visa expires, we'll be there for 3 weeks before heading to Singapore and then the UK. Our flight from NZ to Singapore involves a 12hr stopover in Melbourne airport. We are flying with Jetstar, which as I've just discovered means that we will have to clear immigration, collect our bags and then recheck in for the next leg of our journey (yay Jetstar - great system! :/ ).

So my issue is, I won't have a Visa to clear immigration. Which sucks! I'm from the UK, so will be travelling on a UK passport. But obviously will only have the 3 weeks i'm in NZ to sort this out

The Transit visa website states this:
If passengers are required to pass through Immigration clearance and check-in to their onward flight, including managing their luggage, they will require a visa to enter Australia. An appropriate visa for this purpose will need to be applied for and granted before travelling to Australia.

Therefore I'm assuming a Transit Visa won't cut it, and I need an ETA?
My concern is am I going to have problems at immigration entering on an ETA having only just departed Australia 3 weeks prior on a WHV? Obviously I'd be able to show an onward booking, but I just want some clarification before I go ahead!

Any advice is appreciated! :)
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