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In the Guide AN under the Good Character section :

"Section 3: Good character
3.1 - 3.2 You must give details of all criminal convictions both within and outside the
United Kingdom. These include road traffic offences. Fixed penalty notices (such as
speeding or parking tickets) must be disclosed, although will not normally be taken
into account unless:
• you have failed to pay and there were criminal proceedings as a result; or
• you have received numerous fixed penalty notices.
Drink driving offences must be declared. If you have any endorsements on your
driving licence you must access the DVLA website to download and print a summary
of your record and send it with your application. A driving conviction may not be
disregarded despite any penalty points being removed from your driving licence."

Do i need to disclose PCNs,if so, where do i disclose that in the application form ?
I had only one parking ticket in the last 12 months which was paid promptly, will that affect my application?
I have had 3 other tickets in the past,they were paid promptly as well.

Thank you
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