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Perhaps I am wrong but I thought touting/timeshare was illegal in Cyprus. We have just come back from Paphos Harbour to find 4 individuals (british I may add) touting.
When they approached us and when I said go away we were told they were doing nothing wrong. They had another couple practically tearing themselves away from these people. they are rude if you don't want anything to do with them.
We don't want to turn this into another Tenerife where you can't get rid of them and brings a bad name to the Island.
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These pests seem to be untouchable.:mad: If they are picked up by the police they take them to the cop shop where they pay a fine and then are allowed to go. The companies they work for pay the fines and they have a policy if a tout is picked up 3 times in one week then they can't work the rest of the week.:rolleyes:
The touts have an early warning system and if the cops are around the word gets around and they all go to ground until the coast is clear.
Maybe a gang of us residents should go down and capture the flippin lot and tar and feather them.:D
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