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I'm an Israeli citizen, and I plan a trip to Europe with my friends (WE DONT NEED VISAS), among them is my wife and she's holding a Russian passport (Israeli resident, not citizen yet), thus SHE NEEDS A VISA TO ENTER UK.

Our trip is: Land in London, spend there 1.5 days, go to Paris via EuroTrain and from there proceed to Austrian Alps.
Dates: Jan 15 - Jan 26

This requires 2 visas for my wife:
1. UK tourist visa
2. Schengen visa

Here are my questions:
1. I heard there's transit visa for up to 48 hours in UK, but according to UKBA website rules, holder of that visa type CANNOT go sightseeing the UK, but only transit between airports/rail stations. Is that true? If we want to stay in London and walk around in the city for day and a half we cannot do it with that Visa right?

2. UK requires a lot of time to process the visa application, but I cannot go there without receiving Schengen visa first for my wife, because Schengen is our exit point from UK and they will want to see us having an exit possibility, if we don't have a flight ticket back. And for Schengen visa we can apply only 90 days before the flight, which starts from today. I cannot apply for Schengen visa yet, because on 21 Oct we have to go to get my wife extend for her resident status and an entry visa back to Israel, and only around 22-25 Oct we will go to Austrian embassy. It will take up to a month to process Schengen visa, and if it will be allowed, lets say we get it on 25 Nov.

We will have approx. 1 month and a half to get UK tourist visa, where there's a christmas and new year holidays in between the date.

My wife already had like 3-4 Schengen visas and we have all the required documents proving this, her ability to fund herself, accomodation and flights and what not. Never got visas refused.

What do you think, Is there any chance to get UK tourist visa in that time frame with holidays in the middle or should we think about changing our destination straight to Europe?

P.S Is there flight connection in Luton airport? If we land there at 20:40, the airport closes at 22:00, will we be able to stay there until 7:00 in the morning? Because there will be a flight to Paris we could take.

Thanks !
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