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Total cost of moving?

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Could anyone please tell me approx. what the cost will be to come to Cyprus, I am just looking for a ballpark figure as I know it is impossible to give an accurate one.
There will be just the 2 of us plus our dog, we will be renting fully furnished so will not be bringing a vast amount over with us. I am not sure whether to bring our car or sell it and buy one once we are there. Any help/advice much appreciated. We are both retired so will not be looking for work.
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i am pretty much in the same position as you. me the wife and the dog. i have a lhasa apso which jet set pets quoted me £496 including everything flying with thomsons. i will be bringing my new ford transit van which as long as you have owned the vehicle for at least the last 6 months you should be able to import free as it is classed as your personal effects. you would need to pay to re register it with cypriot plates which for my van will be about £800. i will also be moving all my stuff including my van in a 40ft container. i have a quote from www.cargo-overseas.co.uk they quoted me £1980.00 plus vat.

hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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