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to go or not to go

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Hi Folks have been browsing the forum for a few weeks now and am looking for some help advice from the well informed on here.

Was recently on holidays to Dubai staying with friend out there in Marina. Totally loved the place and I am at the inital stages of making enquries to work out there myself - might just be the freezing cold weather i have came back to in the UK that is depressing me, but think i eally want to move there.

Have read all the basic info that is available on the websites.

Myslef i am part qualified accountant (CIMA) with 5-6 years experience in Oil and Gas Sector. Have no ties at home and feel if dont take the chance now then might regret it later in live.

I now the cost of living in Dubai so am under no illusions as to what a night out costs.

Basically - how easy / hard is it going to be to find a position with my qualifications - i.e just below fully qualified but with good experience?

Would i be better waiting to get fully qualified in the UK so to get higher job level entry?

What sites are best use for this sector?

Salary could or shoudl be looking at?

Anyone in this sector any thoughts on working in Dubai in accountancy?

Accomodation wouldnt be a problem as i would live with my friend out there for a start

all thoughts / advice much appreciated

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no one in financial sector able to give me some job hunting advice :(
Having lived all over the world for the last 15 years including Nigeria and Turkmenistan, I would suggest not making any decisions based on your holiday experiences. And also - never make a decision based on difference in weather from UK ! These soon wear off and its all the same. Work, sleep, home, etc etc.

The only way I move countries is if someone else is paying for it. Otherwise its just speculation. Also - try to get paid in GBP/Euro/USD from your sending company.

Thats my 2 penneth - based on my experiences.

Anyway - oil and gas is centred in Abu Dhabi, not in Dubai. Try Houston/Kuala Lumpur/Perth first if I were you !
cheers for the reply - the weather comment was slight tongue in cheek, have always since uni days wanted to work abroad for a period so it isnt a knee jerk reaction to the holiday experience. Have been to Houston with work and could live there.

Like the Expat community over in Dubai, and as said have a friend who stays there (has for 2 years and he still loves it)

accept there is still the work sleep thing to do, just bit more things to do at a weekend etc.

With CIMA qualification, doesn't have to be oil and gas based employment, merely management accounts.

If anyone has any advice on the job market for mamangement accountants in Dubai be much appreciated

You should be fine for work. I moved here a few months ago, part qualified ACCA, 10 years oil industry experience, worked as a management accountant back home. I put my CV up on some of the local job websites just to see what was out there. My phone rang off the hook for a fortnight.

Plenty of oil and gas jobs in Dubai. The oil industry in the UAE is centred in Abu Dhabi, but there are still plenty of oil companies (and even more oil service companies) in Dubai that act as a hub for oil industries in places like Iran, Iraq, etc, as Dubai is more attractive to ex-pats.

One job that sticks in my mind that I got a call about was a Senior Management Accountant position at Wood Group in Jebel Ali not far from where I am now. I think Michael Page had it.

I assume you're from the Aberdeen area?
ye i am from the Aberdeen area Gavtek - thanks fro the info. I will check the Michael Page site, wasnt aware WoodGroup was based out in Dubai.

Ye i was staying at the Marina a little back an know where the Jebel Ali Free Zone is.

Have been readign the sites last couple of weeks, and most of it is depressing reading for potential re-location, so glad to have a bit more upbeat response.

thanks for the response.
Have a look at atlas4jobs.com also. Very good site that has intelligent crawling technology and is solely oil and gas related. Worldwide.
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